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10 reasons why you should consider using PG aluminium cabinet doors in your next furniture:

  • All PG doors are anodized to a minimum 20 microns for durability and to withstand your everyday knocks and bump.
  • All PG doors uses ‘sani-glass’ a 5mm clear frosted glass with treated surface for a finger prints free look and easy maintenance.
  • All PG doors are made to order with great accuracy or we replace for free.
  • All PG doors are designed to receive various type of infill panels such as glass, mirror, laminated panel, acrylic panels (panels not more than 5mm thick) for an unlimited verities of door design.
  • PG door* with screw-less joint uses a special bracket that eliminated the use of screws for a nice joint and quick fabrication time.
  • Integrated door handle for both recessed** and protruded*** version for practicality and cost savings.
  • Super rigid aluminium frame# enables door size to go up to (1300mm x 3000mm) per door for extra large door design and cost savings.
  • PG doors are fabricated locally for quick and prompt delivery saving your precious lead-time and money.
  • Free technical assistance provided thus saving you time and money. Feel free to contact us for more information.


  • * PG series 1
  • ** PG series 3
  • *** PG series 2H
  • # PG series 3

Door applications:

  • For kitchen cabinets: Flip up / down, drawer fronts
  • For wardrobe: Bi-fold, sliding (3 versions)
  • For vanity counter: Swing or sliding
  • For display cabinet: Clear glass door

Our experienced contractors are committed to giving every customer excellent service and quality products. With glass, the possibilities are endless. Contact us today to discuss your customized solution today!

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